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Hello! I'm Teejay VanSlyke, a software engineer and business process consultant in Seattle.

I help business owners, entrepreneurs, and software managers be more productive with fewer resources. When done right, software helps your organization operate more efficiently. I produce software that is timeless, elegant, and adaptive to your business's changing conditions.

Teejay VanSlyke

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  • Full-Stack Web Development
    You want to build a web application, but you fear you might have to hire a whole team. What if you could work with one trusted, passionate developer to prototype your application from idea to product? Whether you're a startup founder with an idea and a dream or a project manager at a large company, I'm eager to help with your next custom application.
  • User Experience Overhaul
    Have your customers complained about their experiences using your product? You can't afford to lose customers to a poor user experience. Find out how we can make your application stand out among your competitors.
  • Product Discovery
    Embarking on a new software build, but don't know what it'll cost? I offer Product Discovery sessions to help specify your project so you can shop around for a development team. Plus, I'll even give you comprehensive, feature-by-feature price quotes for what I'd bill you if I were to build your application myself.


  • Early Retirement Projector
    Your savings rate is the most important number to consider when planning your early retirement. Most investment calculators base their projections on how many dollars you save each month, instead of on your lifestyle and income. I built this one to show you what your wealth trajectory looks like based on the percentage of your income you save.
  • Alphanote
    A platform for expressive notetaking: everything in one place, instantly searchable, fast and fun to use. Alphanote is currently hosted on Heroku's free tier to reduce my expenses. As a result, it may be slow to load.


Teejay VanSlyke
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