Hello! I'm Teejay.

I'm a software engineer and business process consultant in Eugene, Oregon.

I help business owners, entrepreneurs, and software managers be more productive with fewer resources. When done right, software helps your organization operate more efficiently. I produce software that is timeless, elegant, and adaptive to your business's changing conditions.

When I was six years old, my grandfather taught me how to program my parents' Tandy 386 using QuickBasic. Ever since, I've held a passion for software, and continue to pursue new ideas with the same curiousity I held as a child.

What I Do:

  • Help developers build modern web applications
    My repository of day-to-day development notes, tricks, gotchas, and code snippets will help you get unstuck if you run into the same problems I did. Topics include JavaScript, React, Golang, Rails, and more.

  • Build web applications that drive real businesses
    You want to build a web application, but fear you might have to hire a whole team. What if you could work with one passionate developer to prototype your application from idea to product? I help creative directors, entrepreneurs, and engineering teams build working and maintainable custom web applications.

Things I've Made:

    Eugene, Oregon is home to a growing community of creative professionals. I built this site to give us a platform for promoting our talents and services.

  • Formbot
    Send HTML form data to your team's Slack. Formbot will post your website visitors' form responses into any Slack Channel.

  • Hacker Jobs
    Hacker Jobs combs the top remote and freelance job boards and provides you a one-stop shop for finding your next gig!

  • Early Retirement Projector
    Your savings rate is the most important number to consider when planning your early retirement. Most investment calculators base their projections on how many dollars you save each month, instead of on your lifestyle and income. I built this one to show you what your wealth trajectory looks like based on the percentage of your income you save.

Teejay VanSlyke


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